Public Blockchain for Sports Industry

A low-barrier public blockchain platform for vertical industry
  • Prediction Market

    SEER uses the market mechanism to gather wisdom and opinions of people, so that users can fully express the pre-judgment of future events.Being different from the traditional events with legal doubts, SEER provides users with an open and transparent environment that can participate in sports prediction while avoiding legal risks.

  • Sport Events Crowdfunding

    SEER utilizes the blockchain reward mechanism to solve the disadvantage of traditional sports events and improve the efficiency of the industry. For example, it can increase the revenue of sport events. It can let audiences freely choose the games they want to watch and give events crowdfunding influence to the participants, so that they can get quantified incentives through smart contracts.

  • Multiple Hosts-Based Decentralized Oracle

    The oracle is a data flow bridge between real world and blockchain platform. The credible result is the key to ensuring prediction market applications are up and running. SEER has multiple hosts oracle mode. When enabled, it won't be adopted unless a certain proportion of oracles input consistent results. This mechanism can ensure the results are true to the greatest extent and prevent the possibility of cheating.

  • Ecosystem

    Users can initiate customized assets on SEER, which can be used in different scenarios such as prediction market, sport event crowdfunding, etc. These assets can be freely traded in the built-in decentralized exchange on SEER. At the same time, SEER provides cases and documentation of open-source sample Dapps, so that developers can quickly develop Dapps based on SEER in the closest way to the traditional development mode.

Operating Efficiency

High efficiency and powerful processing capability based on Graphene toolkit
  • High Efficiency

    Super high confirmation speed at 3 seconds / block
  • High concurrency processing capability

    3300 TPS
  • Low transaction fee

    Ultra-low user cost
  • Low developing barrier

    Interface invocation and open-source sample Dapp
  • Fair and Efficient

    Innovative DPoS+PoS governance mechanism


We are alway on the way! 
  • 2017 Q3-Q4
  • 2018 Q1
  • 2018 Q2
  • 2018 Q3
  • 2018 Q4
  • 2019 Q1
  • 2019 Q2
  • 2019 Q3
  • 2019 Q4
  • 2020 Q1
  • · Development of Test Net
  • · · Development of Prediction Marke
  • · Development of Multiple Hosts Oracle System
  • More >

  • · Powerfans announced to develop its Dapp on SEER
  • · Completed key functions of SEER blockchain
  • · Launched Test Net
  • · Listed on exchanges including Hellobts, Lbank, OTCBTC, etc
  • More >

  • · Launched SEER main net
  • · Released website wallet and PC wallet, being open-source on Github
  • · Witness campaign began
  • · Released gateway for both Ethereum and Bitshares
  • · Listed on exchanges including Gdex, Aex, Top.One, etc
  • · Released interface documentation for developers
  • More >

  • · SEER main net was upgraded to V0.0.4, released function for every user to be the house-owner
  • · Listed on Bitfinex, major cryptocurrency exchange
  • More >

  • · Launched Bibi, mobile wallet and sample Dapp of SEER
  • · Launched Web & Android Bibi, being open-source on Github
  • · Released developer documentation of SEER
  • More >

  • · SEER main net upgrades to V0.0.7 Launch function for house-owner to pay transaction fees
  • · Launch IOS version of Bibi, being open-source on Github
  • More >