SEER was invited to the 2019 2nd Global Graphene Blockchain Developer Conference

2019-07-08 15:33:32

On July 6th to 7th, 2019, the 2nd global graphene blockchain developers conference was held in Shanghai, China. As an important member of the Graphene community, SEER was invited to participate in this event. Mr. Wu gang, investment representative of SEER, founder of Nayun sports, joined the round table discussions with other Graphene projects with the topic of "what is the best thing to do with Graphene blockchain?" Furthermore, he shared the latest progress of SEER.

Graphene blockchain is known as the best blockchain development framework to date. Well-known projects based on the graphene framework include BitShares, Steem, EOS, SEER, GXChain, YOYOW, Bottos, NEST, Finchain, NULS, Oraclechain, everiToken and so on. In this developer conference, domestic and foreign graphene blockchain technology experts, well-known innovative blockchain enterprises, exchanges, media, institutional investors and other well-known institutions in the industry gathered together to discuss cutting-edge topics such as blockchain technology evolution, cross-chain, trusted multilateral computing and the development path of graphene ecosystem.

Mr. Wu gang introduced at the meeting that SEER is a public blockchain for sports industry, and the two most important functions: prediction markets and sport events crowdfunding will be lanuched this year. SEER web wallet was launched in May last year, and the sample Dapp, BiBi, is open-source now. Recently, there will be two specific applications coming, one is Hainan board games, and the other is the game that boxing fans are very expected, Yilong VS Buakaw Banchamek. Because of the injury of Yi long, the game might be played between an excellent Chinese athlete and Buakaw Banchamek.

When referring to the advantages and features of SEER, Wu Gang said that in the technical level, SEER may have a breakthrough in random numbers and make a complete mathematical proof of the random number algorithm. Over the past year, SEER team has explored more in the aspects of lanuching applications in traditional fields, such as the cooperation with Hainan government and the cooperation in traditional sports industry. Besides, the accumulated resources in sports industry for ten years, and the 8 million fans, can all be used. Blockchain products are based on global vision, more and more users will be brought in gradually.
Wu gang said that SEER team considered and polished a lot in terms of product ease of use this year. The blockchain field is not particularly short of products, but applying the products to traditional fields needs time. Starting from this month, we can see SEER's progress in this area.

During the project exhibition on July 6, SEER set up a project exhibition stand. The operating team introduced SEER's technology, lanuching result and future application direction to the technicians and enthusiasts present. Many enthusiasts experienced the functions of BiBi,  sample Dapp of SEER, and affirmed the prospects of this application.