Bibi V1.1

Mobile wallet of SEER, Dapp with variety of of prediction functions
Launched V1.1, prediction function includes prize pool type and transaction type.
Download Android Bibi Download IOS Bibi

Web Wallet

With a relatively complete SEER front-end function, it is suitable for developers and operators to use. Users can initiate prediction markets, participate in predictions, initiate assets, conduct on-chain trading, transferring and operation of witness. Visit web wallet

PC Wallet

The function of the desktop wallet is basically the same as that of the web wallet, but it is more fluent to use, and it is more convenient to connect to the local full nodes. Download version for MAC Download version for Windows

Command line wallet

The developer interacts with the blockchain through commands, and can use the script program to connect to the command line wallet interface to implement automatic processing such as gateway. Download command line wallet Download documentation of command line wallet

Public API node provided by community

When using each version of SEER wallet, it is needed to connect a full node to interact with the blockchain. In general, the default public node can be used. When the network is congested or for development purposes, you can use the public API node provided by the community or self-built API node. Public API list | Self-built node guide | Public node setup guide